SEA Paid Referencing

SEA Paid Referencing

When you have a business and you would like to have a maximum of visibility on the internet, it is important to plan a good SEO strategy. And when we talk about SEO, there are two types of SEO, natural SEO or SEO and paid SEO or SEA (Search Engine Optimization). Each of these references is intended to allow you to be on the first page when searching on a search engine in order to get more traffic. But in this article, we will talk about paid referencing only.


Paid SEO also called SEA is a strategy to improve and increase the visibility of your web page on a search engine. In fact, it is a question of carrying out certain actions so that your website ends up at the top of the search results on a search engine.

The SEA sponsored referencing or PPC works on links commonly known as commercial links. These are advertisements on search engines such as Google, as well as on partner websites.

Digionetech is piloting SEA campaigns on 3 major platforms

Platforms such as Google Ads (Adwords), Microsoft Advertising (Bing ads) and Amazon Ads are real tools for managing advertising campaigns. Our Digionetech SEO agency offers you to launch effective PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns on Google, Amazon and Bing. Our Adwords consultants are all Google certified.

Google Ads

Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) is used to display promotional ads in the results pages of the Google search engine

Microsoft Advertising

Advertisers don't spend a lot of budget on Microsoft Advertising, yet this platform allows you to create ads on Bing,

Amazon Ads

More than 40% of Internet users search for products directly on Amazon, without going through other search engines. 

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